Endermen, Kitties and Villagers! Oh my!
brand new Jukka ask blog!

this one was getting stale and Jukka is totes boring, so go follow this new reduxed version of Jukka and ask some questions.

this one is attached to my main blog, so i can keep track of it much easier. I also have a navigation bar on it, although its a very shitty one because I cant code to save my life. 

DAMN 118 people still following counting the 15 people who followed this blog after it died

oh my god that guess was actually fucking right no way

News about my ask blogs, Jukka and the other character blog: Important I guess


Since they arnt connected to my main tumblr here, I will be moveing them. I’ve already prepared the replacement blog for my 30 character blog and now have better access to it. Everyone who wants to keep asking questions and seeingt he answers on their dashboard will have to follow the new blog here

its gennerally the same as the last one, but I can check up on all my blogs much easier now.

Look out for the post to Jukka’s new blog, I’ll be making that next.




I have alot of fun drawing her so I opened an ask blog for her. Its not a pony hate blog but it is about a hating pony. I’d apreciate plenty of questions to get it started. Expect alot of jokes and really stupid looking faces.

Its also really easy to make decent pictures of her, so I’ll do plenty of drawing answers!

Butthurt bronies are welcome.

(( I regret nothing at all ))

Jukka, I requested Lanky's mom to make some pants for you! I know you said you didn't know your size but that's okay, she has some pairs made in different sizes. And they're green. So yeah, pants for you. You can either go pick them up or I can get them for you and bring 'em over here. So, what do you say?

Jukka: Uhh, sounds good. I dont know where Lanky’s mom lives though so I guess you should bring them?

Draw an ADORABLE picture of Jukka. It will please me.

(( mission failed ))

TELL ME YOUR PANTS MEASUREMENTS! I need to tell Lanky's mom so she can fulfill a request I put in for you Jukka. Small or large? and what shade?

Jukka: I dont know? I’m just an average sized Enderman..

And I guess brown or green like my robes?


Jukka: Uhhh.. I’m not a very good dancer…